Separate, but not equal

It appears that in New York a developer has proposed a new housing development, 40 Riverside Boulevard, whereby tenants will use separate entrances if they live in affordable housing or in the “premium” housing above. The developer, Extell Development Company, is essentially splitting the building into two, where the second through sixth floor are affordable housing and… Read More

A good documentary film about the need for human scale interventions in cities throughout the world. The movie features a lot of people and work associated with Jan Gehl. Jan’s work is famous for taking an ethnographic approach to his research and analysis of the city. In many ways my thesis, mapping the movements of… Read More

Thesis Research

Saturday, June 8, with Henry Foko, an old friend and driver from DAI (Development Alternatives Inc.) I had the opportunity to visit several of the informal settlements in Liberia. I got a tour of West Point (generally considered one of the worst/most dangerous slums in Western Africa), Buzzi Quarter (directly adjacent to the executive mansion),… Read More

I have been completely swamped with a bunch of required coursework this semester. It has kept me from taking a couple course I was really interested, and one if particular I knew I should be taking, GIS. For those that don’t know GIS or Geographic Information Systems, is system for linking maps and data. When… Read More

A positive vs. negative plaster cast using CNC router and MDF.

    I thought I would upload a few of the images from the side projects I have been up to. The firs of these is a restaurant in downtown Des Moines, Iowa called Lucca. Lucca is a very nice Italian restaurant. The kind of place people go on anniversary dinners or the where the… Read More


Recently, the Des Moines Arts Center had a showing of the new documentary by Gary Hustwit. Gary Hustwit, the producer of other design related documentaries “Objectified” and “Helvetica“, has put together his most compelling film yet. “Urbanized” takes us through nearly a dozen cities around the globe. In each location he speaks to experts and… Read More