Ok, so I’m back from my trip and I’ve tried to gather my thoughts on the informal settlements, Liberia, and developing a thesis. I thought I knew where I was going to go with this project, but I was thrown for a loop yesterday by my thesis adviser. He was concerned that I may be… Read More

Community Center

In the Paul Farmer book, “Pathologies of Power“, he talks about the idea, many times, of structural violence. Now when most of us think about violence we tend to think about physical violence: fighting, rape, guns, or if we are thinking a little deeper perhaps verbal abuse and things of that nature. What structural violence… Read More

Thesis Research

Saturday, June 8, with Henry Foko, an old friend and driver from DAI (Development Alternatives Inc.) I had the opportunity to visit several of the informal settlements in Liberia. I got a tour of West Point (generally considered one of the worst/most dangerous slums in Western Africa), Buzzi Quarter (directly adjacent to the executive mansion),… Read More


Today, I have been trying to wrap my head around what my thesis will be next semester. Even though I knew before I even applied to go to grad school that I wanted to focus on the lack of planning and the application of social justice theory in the global South, I haven’t progressed much… Read More