A good documentary film about the need for human scale interventions in cities throughout the world. The movie features a lot of people and work associated with Jan Gehl. Jan’s work is famous for taking an ethnographic approach to his research and analysis of the city. In many ways my thesis, mapping the movements of… Read More

Ok, so I’m back from my trip and I’ve tried to gather my thoughts on the informal settlements, Liberia, and developing a thesis. I thought I knew where I was going to go with this project, but I was thrown for a loop yesterday by my thesis adviser. He was concerned that I may be… Read More

Dallas Platform Park

Well, I have finished my first semester of Urban Design. It was, on the whole, a good semester. I had the initial shock of being back in school/studio, as I had forgotten the masochism that is an architecture studio. I made it through, with only a few bad habits and sleepless nights. Out of these… Read More

Battle Hall, Architecture Library (

Architecture Library, Battle Hall So, I have recently gone back to school. I’m a bit older, and hopefully a bit wiser, but I am now a college student, again. I have moved to Austin, Texas to begin my Masters in Urban Design. It’s a new chapter, but it is one that will give me the… Read More